- Diet Trends: A look at America's Top Diets - Diet Trends: A look at America's Top Diets - Diet Trends: A look at America''s Top Diets

Recession“No longer able to afford

Loss"Super foods are becoming a real source in

The Acai Berry Diet an American Obsession?

As part of a new series: "Diet Trends: A look at America''s

Top Diets" we examine consumer tips for dieting during a recession

Investigates the top diet trends of 2009 to find out for herself if

seen at least one internet ad or weigh loss blog talking about how

great the Acai Berry Diet is, but have you seen any real evidence to

support the claims of weight loss? And, do you really think that

people are losing weight with this so called Super Food?The

ads for Acai Berrys weight loss products are everywhere, and just

about everyone seems to be creating a blog telling us how much

weight they lost while on the diet. So, I decided to do my own test

to find out if this super food really does work.

blogger from from Wembley, B5 claims to have lost 42lbs in 3 months

with acaiSince Acai Berry ads are everywhere it

did not take long to find a suitable offer for the Test. But, I did

my research and came across the following offer from one of the more

trustworthily Acai Berry sites, Premium Acai Slim.

Just like all the other Acai Berry offers this offer included a

Free Trial*, but it was one of the few offers that did NOT try and

add-on additional hidden offers. The Premium Acai Slim product also

promised the highest grade Acai powder available, so that also

factored into the decision to choose this particular product. It was

important for me to test the purest product, so that I would

Increase you EnergyI was a little skeptical, but I wanted to see for myself if the

Premium Acai Slim weight loss claims were true. Before I started the

Acai Berry Diet Test I was told by a trusted physician that it would

be best to use one of the Colon Cleansing products commonly

associated with this diet. Colon cleansing helps to rid your body of

toxins, so that any diet you try will have the maxium results.

Helps Eliminate Bad Toxins that have Built Up Over the

Removes " Sludge" from the Walls of the Colon

Helps Get Rid of Gas and Bloating

" Like most physicians, I, have really been quite impressed

with the health benefits associated with the Acai Berry diet. But,

because most Americans have such high fat diets I highly recommend

that anyone considering this diet use a Colon Cleansing supplement

before they start any Acai Berry Diet." – Dr.

Upon hearing this from Dr. Mehmet, I added the Colon Cleanse

supplement to my test. Again, I choose this colon cleans product

based on the fact that it was not associated with any add-on type

offers and also because it had a 100% Satisfaction

Within just a few days after I placed the orders I received the

Free Trial* offers for both Premium Acai Slim and Nature Detox

Cleanse. Before I place the orders I found a coupons for

My Test: 4 Week Acai Berry Diet: Premium Acai

Step 1: Take one Premium Acai Slim pill per Day.

Step 2: Take one Ultra Cleanse Plus pill per Day.

Week One: " After one week with the diet

I was surprised to say that I started seeing some startling

results. My energy level seemed to steady climb each day during

this first week, and surprisingly I also noticed that my appetite

was subsiding every day. I truly ended the week feeling great, and

I really did not feel like I was doing much different other that

taking the Premium Acai Slim and Ultra Cleanse Plus pills each day. But, the

real test came when I jumped on the scale at the end of the week.

I got another surprise. I LOST 9 pounds! I was completely

surprised, and less than 140 lbs for the first time in years."

Week Two: " Beginning week two I did not know

what to think. I defiantly started the week off with a ton more

energy than I did in week one. I noticed that my sleep schedule

started to become more regular, and I wasn"t waking up in the

middle of the night like I have been doing for months. I could not

tell if I was " burning fat in my sleep" all I know is that I was

sleeping great during week two of the diet. The second week seemed

to fly by too, and again it was time to hop on the scale. Like I

said, I was skeptical this second week. But I still managed to

Week Three: " At the start of week three I

could not really notice any energy increases, but I also did not

notice any energy decreases either. In past diets I would seem to

lose motivation, but this was different. The diet was actually

working. I continued to make the Premium Acai Slim and Colon

Cleanse part of my daily routine, and just seem to go on with life

as normal. Every week I seemed to be noticing something different

and this week I started noticing that my skin looked better than

it had in years. I did a little more research and found that the

antioxidants and vitamin components in the Acai Berry has the

added benefit of helping improve your skins health. At this point

I this point I might actually agree that this could truly be a "

Super Food". And, after losing another 7 pounds I think I was

Week Four: " With the start of week four I can

say that any skepticism that I had was long gone. Within the first

three weeks I had LOST 23 pounds, seen an

increase in my energy level, was sleeping like a baby, and truly

just felt healthy. No wonder why people are writing all of these

diet blogs. Acai Berry diets work!

"I not only found products that gave me results better than I

would have expected, but after researching online I discovered that

these companies are desperate for new customers in

this recession and are currently handing out free trials of

The truth is that people are really really finding real success

with the Acai Berry diet. People all over the world have enjoyed the

health benefits and antioxidents from this little purple berry from

the Amazon rain forest for hundreds of years. But, because this

berry is now so popular in the United States some people are having

a tough time getting the purest Acai Berry products.

Like me you might be a little skepital about trying the Acai

Berry diet for yourself, but the results are real.

Step 1: Take one Premium Acai Slim pill per Day

Step 2: Take one Ultra Cleanse Plus pill per Day,

Would you like to share a consumer tip for next week? If so,

please send us an email.

Julia and the USHealthNews team recently put the Acai

Diet to the test. We spent four weeks testing the effects of

America''s Newest Superfood to see for ourselves what this diet was

all about. And, the results were surprising.

The benefits of the Acai berry diet beat all of our

initial skepticism. We found the diet not only with weight loss, but

it seemed to boost energy levels, and also help our participants

sleep better to wakeup more rested.Step 1:

Then get Ultra Cleanse Plus*This is key. Use both for results

Acai Health Benefits. America''s #1 Superfood. Look younger and Live

Super foods: How to Balance your Body.

Change your approach to living better. Why it is important to learn how

to balance your diet.The Real Dangers of having a Toxic Colon

Special CBS new report on the importance of colon health. Why it''s

important to remove toxins from your colon.

1. Set a goal. Identify your ideal weight and set up a

plan to start reaching your goal.2. Don''t

be afraid to ask for and get help. You''re not going to lose

weight alone. Tell you family. Get support.3.

Vitamins are good for you. The American diet lacks

essential vitamins and minerals. Balance your health with the best

You burn calories when you walk, did you know that? Keep active and

balance your diet with regular exercise.

5. Sleep it off. To be an efficient

fat-burning machine, your body requires at least eight hours of sleep a

night. If you think that you"re doing yourself a favor by sleeping less,


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