Consequences Of Appendix Removal, Possibilities

Consequences Of Appendix Removal, Possibilities

There may appear complications, which follow appendectomy, from which the most frequently encountered is the conversion of the incision into an actual wound that can vary in intensity or complexity from one case to another. The easiest forms require only antibiotics, while the serious ones may drive to another surgery. Sometimes, the infection is so serious ,that it needs antibiotic treatment in order to back off, and only after that, surgery can be performed, to avoid over-infection in case of a new incision.

Almost as common as the previous one is the abscess, generated by the localization of infection in a specific place, close to the appendix. Pus must be extracted from the abscess by surgery or non-surgical methods.

Researchers couldnt determine whether there is a purpose for the appendix inside of the human body, so that long-term consequences for health generated by appendectomy dont usually appear, except for particular cases, such as Chrons disease.

General information regarding appendectomy:

- The appendix represents a structure attached to the large intestine having the form of a worm.

- In case of viral or bacterial infection of the appendix, appendicitis appears.

- Appendicitis may complicate and evolve into peritonitis or abscess.

- Appendicitis is frequently indicated by pain, fever, and increased sensitivity of the abdomen

- Diagnosis can be given in most of the cases by taking into consideration medical record and physical exams but also by means of leukocytes count, X-ray abdominal scan, barium enema, ultrasounds, CT and laparoscopy.

- Infection of the wound and abscess are the most common complications of surgery

- To cure appendicitis the use of antibiotics and appendix removal surgery are necessary.

- Appendicitis is difficult to diagnose because it shares common symptoms with other diseases that affect the abdomen or pelvis.

In the case of appendicitis, the visit to the family doctor is the best thing to do if symptoms have been seen. Because of the number of conditions that generate abdominal pain, hes the person that can give the most appropriate diagnosis. Quicker treatment will eliminate the risk of later complications.

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