72 Hour Diet Pill

72 Hour Diet Pill

72 Hour Weight loss

Weight loss in 3 days is what the 72 Hour Diet pill claims. It seems an incredible statement but losing a mere ounce in 72 hours can classed as a success. So how much weight can you expect to lose in such a short space of time taking this diet pill.

Another heavily marketed diet pill that appears in abundance on eBay and webistes selling cheap diet pills. Absolutely no control on the distribution of this product. Can be purchased in most health related stores and does not need a prescription.

What Is The 72 Hour Diet Pill

Contains a varied mixture of ingredients

  • Dandelion Root - a natural diuretic that helps to lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels
  • Juniper Berries - another diuretic that promotes urination and helps to flush away any toxing from the kidneys
  • Ginger Root - increases blood flow
  • Caffeine - promotes alertness, boosts energy levels and supposedly burns fat
  • Potassium Gluconate - reduces blood pressure and helps maintain the fluid levels in the body

So the ingredients used are ideal for making you go to the toilet... a lot. Nothing else is present to aid weight loss. No appetite suppressant, no fat buner, no fat binder, no fat blocker.

Consumer reports are varied from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Does The 72 Hour Diet Pill Work

Going to the toilet frequently will reduce weight in the very short term - the next time you eat or rehydrate you will put the weight straight back on. The same effect can be gained by drinking lots of water.

72 Hour Diet Pill Side Effects

Will not cause any harmful side effects - although drinking too much fluid can have an adverse effect on health.

Should I buy The 72 Hour Diet Pill

Not recommended, a very short term weight loss fix that can be caused by drinking plenty of fluids as described previously.

Just another run of the mill weight loss product that relies heavily on hype, another diet pill that gives the slimming pill industry a bad name.

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