2008  August  15  Healthtorial

2008 August 15 Healthtorial

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The most costly health concerns for businesses – heart conditions, hypertension, diabetes, etc. – could be improved or even prevented by making easy-to-adopt lifestyle changes. Kronos Optimal Health Company is making it easier for companies to tackle these costly problems by introducing a collection of innovative lifestyle management courses.

Ultraviolet Sterilization Systems from www.eWateronline.net play a major role in keeping home drinking water safe from biological contaminates. Ultraviolet (UV) Sterilization Systems kill disease-causing micro-organisms such as E. coli with 99.9% effectiveness and without adding any dangerous by-products to the water. Using a UV Sterilization System creates a deadly effect on pathonogenic micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses and cysts that are often present.

X Factor’s Niki Evans Amazing Cosmetic Surgery Success

Lannett Announces Immediate Availability of Bulk Packs

YoNaturals San Diego Launches Healthy School Vending Website Allowing Schools To Profit 100% From Healthy Product Sales

Bill to ‘Revolutionize’ HIV Testing Passes California Legislature Unanimously

Burst Media Launches Wellness Ad Network

New Consumer Website LabelWatch.com Launches, Exposes Cautionary Ingredients in Brand-Name Foods

MississippiStudy Shows Oxycyte Successfully Reduces Oxygen Shortages in a Spinal Cord Injury ModelSkin Care Solution for Skin Affected by Radiation and ChemotherapyMap of Alzheimer’s Genes May Lead to Novel TherapiesSeven Million Lives with the Passing of AIDS BillThe Terminator Battles for HealthAOL Health Forms Content Partnerships with Caring.com, Health.com and HealthCare.comEmployees Lose Over 500 Lbs in ChallengeLimbs of Love Helps Local Woman Walk Again after Limb Bought on eBay FailsOlympic Swimmer Takes on New CompetitionCDC Numbers: HIV Prevention in US a Failure

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