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Omnipotent Health, Inc.

Why is it important to consider eating healthy?

Heart disease is the leading cause of death, striking one out

of two people. Diabetes is up 700% since 1995, killing 200,000 Americans

annually. Obesity has now become a global epidemic. It is not a

secret that this nation is becoming sicker and sicker every day.

The truth is that all of the aforementioned conditions are preventable,

as they are related to diet. Bottom line, living an unhealthy life

with poor eating habits can be costly. Because of the rapid decline

in health, insurance premiums are steadily on the rise. In the near

future, many insurance companies plan to move to “health scorecarding”

where health-challenged individuals will be forced to pay much higher

premiums than their healthier counterparts. One can avoid these

financial hits an attain a better quality of life simply by making

How are the teachings of Omnipotent Health

different from commercial weight loss programs?

Omnipotent Health delivers a message of total body health and

does not focus solely on weight loss. While weight loss is important,

it is merely a benefit of eating healthy and getting appropriate

exercise. Omnipotent Health teaches its clients how to make better

food choices and to control portion sizes, yet does require tedious

calorie and point counting. In addition, Omnipotent Health does

not condone “liberal”eating, but yet provides insight

on key processed foods that must be eliminated from the diet if

long-term health challenges are to be avoided.

Is working out in a gym enough to guarantee

While physical activity is a necessary component for optimal health,

it is not the only component. There are 10 biomarkers or gauges

Good response to body temperature regulation

The first 7 biomarkers are related to fitness while biomarkers

8-10 are controlled by one’s diet alone. Therefore, to get

the best results, your wellness program must combine healthy eating

along with a consistent exercise regimen.

Should I start to modify the diet of my children?

The health of our children should be a priority for all parents.

A child has the ability to discern his likes and dislikes regarding

food as early as age 3. By the time a child has reached 8 years

old, his eating habits have been established for life. To prevent

unhealthy eating from becoming a way of life for children in their

young adult years, parents must take on the role of a “trainer”

now. The benefits of introducing children to fruits and vegetables

far outweighs the side affects (sickness, obesity, learning disorders)

that result from a diet of processed food.

Unfortunately, our food chain does not provide the nutrients that

it used to years ago. For example, to match the RDA for Vitamin

A that was supplied in two peaches in 1951, a person would have

to eat 53 peaches today! Nutrient losses in food are the direct

result of poor soil rotation and green-harvesting of fruits and

vegetables so that they will have a longer shipping and shelf life.

These agricultural methods, combined with processing and kitchen

practices such as canning, heating, and boiling, rob us of vital

phytonutrients that our body requires to defend against bacteria,

viruses, and toxins. To build up your natural defense system, supplementing

with additional food-based nutrients is essential to replace the

nutrients that are missing from our grocery bags.

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