Low Tunnels Are Here!

Low Tunnels Are Here!

You asked us to make them available and now we have them – actually, we MAKE them! Those of you who didn’t ask us to make them available are, instead, probably asking – WHAT THE HECK ARE LOW TUNNELS? Perhaps the simplest answer to that question is that they are “mini greenhouses”. If you are a gardener, you undoubtedly have entertained secret thoughts of one day having your own greenhouse. The benefits are many – start all your plants earlier and grow them much later into the season. Grow plants that like a warmer environment than we normally experience in our outside gardens. Keep plants dryer and cleaner throughout the season – which equates to less disease (need we say 2009 tomato late blight and powdery mildew!?!). Keep insects and animals from devouring your plants. Reduce water loss and prevent damage from wind and rain. But, for most people there is still one major barrier to putting up their own greenhouse – cost. You already know that Healthy Home Harvest LLC makes our own greenhouse components and sells them at prices you can’t match. But, the price is still out of range for many gardeners.

Over the past years, there has been rapid growth in the use of “low tunnels”. Instead of a structure that YOU, the grower, can fit into, low tunnels fit only the PLANTS. Instead of a structure that is typically in the range of 12 – 20 feet wide and 30 – 90 feet long, you only put up a “structure” that is 4-6 feet wide, about 3 feet high and as long as you choose to make it! Instead of a support base and multiple support purlins to make the full greenhouse structurally sound, the low tunnel hoops are merely stuck into the ground about 5 or 6 inches. All this simplicity means one thing – VERY low cost! In fact, the cost of a low tunnel hoop is only ¼ to 1/5 the price of a full greenhouse hoop. AND, there is no base to build, no support purlins to buy and install, no doors or windows to build.

The low tunnel also gives you flexibility of use. The low tunnel hoops can be covered with greenhouse poly to provide a warm environment for direct seeding of early greens (spinach, Asian greens, mache etc) a month or more earlier than you can normally plant in the ground. The hoops can also be covered with a light agricultural fabric to give frost protection, insect protection, humidity control, wind protection and increased warmth for MANY different crops. This means earlier planting, season extension in the fall, better quality veggies and higher yields. We use them and highly praise their results.

Bottom line – we bend the low tunnel hoops ourselves which means low costs, which we pass on to you. If you live locally and want to pick it up, you can even avoid the shipping costs. You get the benefits of a greenhouse without the size or cost. We sell both the greenhouse plastic and agricultural fabrics in the sizes you need. We are here, as always, to support you and answer any questions you might have. We use low tunnels ourselves. You will love these things!

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