8 Simple Excersises for Pregnant Women

8 Simple Excersises for Pregnant Women

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Getting overweight and out of shape is  a general thing that happens to a lady after pregnancy. Your body wears this irregular shape even after you give birth to a baby.

There are lots of benefit to these exercise during and after pregnancy. Some of the advantages may be like better body shape, give you energy, less back pain. During pregnancy exercise help you improve your mood, helps you sleep better, carry your weight during pregnancy and many more benefits you are not aware about. Here are some simple exercise which do not require equipments but only your body and time.

Pregnancy yoga helps you improve body posture and flexibility. It improves your muscle tone and strength. Beside strengthening your muscle system, it stimulates circulation and help you relax. It builds up a stamina into your body and tolerate more anger and stay calm during labor pain. Some other aerobic activity like walking, swimming can also be followed.

Make sure you don’t carry these exercise when you grow pain with these exercise. Don’t practice pushing but stretching exercise. It is better to skip that positions that challenge your balance and are painful to you. Consult your yoga teacher for the exercise that best suits your period and body balance.

Swimming is an aerobic activity. It is safe and ideal form of exercise during pregnancy. It is safe exercise for arms, legs and heart. Women ensure that they feel safe while swimming and they complain of zero chances of falling on stomach and injury to baby. They report they feel weightless in water. You are able to swim , walk and carry aerobic activity during ninth month of pregnancy.

Walking is safe exercise for pregnancy which can be practiced even during ninth month of pregnancy. It offers no injuries, to knees and ankles. Even if you have never practised walking during pregnancy, you can start just in small interval. Walk to neighbours home or nearby store rather than going by some vehicle. You can have small naps after lunch or dinner.

If you are regular weight trainer. Don’t leave this because you are pregnant. It harms you in no way. Practice with light weights. Don’t use weights that overheat your body. During weight training exercise, don’t lie flat at your back. Practice it in postures of yoga.

Aerobic activities like dancing, walking should not be left behind if you practiced them before pregnancy. Just a little change is enough so that they don’t interfere to the balance of your body. Frankly saying, join some dance class. Don’t continue with these exercise if you are suffering from pain or some breathing problems due to this.

If you have never practised running before pregnancy, don’t even start it during pregnancy, as you are new to it. For the ladies who are familiar to running can continue with that. It is the best exercise for your heart and body. Perform it according to your energy levels.

It is a cardio workout you can add to your routine. It prevents your muscle strain and keeps your limbs and body relaxed.

Indoor cycling must be prefered. Try this workout on stationary bike. It is the best way to sweat your body with no injuries.

These are some simple exercises you can practice during pregnancy. After all these exercise you won’t complaint of shape or body figure after pregnancy. You remain fit, healthy and strengthened.

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