Take Care Of Your Children's Skin And Help Them Form Lifetime Habits

Take Care Of Your Children's Skin And Help Them Form Lifetime Habits

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Your children’s skin is precious and new and as a parent you need to do all that you can to protect it from all of life’s dangers. Teaching children about skincare early on in their lives is a great idea – it will mean that they will carry all of the tips you have taught them into their adult lives. They will then be able to enjoy a life of good skin conditions and they’ll also be able to prevent signs of early aging. Here are our tips on some things that you can do to start championing great skincare from an early age – even from birth.

Teach Them About Protection From Sun

The sun presents one of the most dangerous hazards to skin that there is. Sunburn is not only painful and uncomfortable; it also damages skin tissue severely. You should aim to never let your child’s skin burn by making sure they wear a high factor sun cream. Cover their entire body, especially if they are at the beach or the swimming pool, and make sure that they also wear a UV suit and a sunhat. Sun cream is really easy to get hold of and it comes in creams, sprays and oils. Choose a high factor one that is suitable for children and get your kids into the habit of putting their own sun cream on really early in life. The more you protect their skin now, the better it will look in later life.

Control Eczema

Eczema is incredibly common in young babies and children, but the good news is that they usually grow out of it. It’s a dry skin condition which shouldn’t be neglected – it needs regular moisturizing with a cream that is non-allergenic and non-perfumed (this will help the affected area not get more inflamed). In extreme cases you will need a steroid cream to shift it and while this is very strong, it is the best method of clearing it up for good.

Teenage Acne

Teenagers get a hard deal as it is, but when acne strikes it can have a devastating effect on your child. At a time when they are more concerned about their looks than ever before, it seems unfair that they should suddenly be blighted by spots. In most cases, acne can be controlled with regular face-washing using a mild and medicated facial wash. In more extreme cases then steroid cream may be prescribed by the doctor. Encouraging your child to be fastidious in their hygiene habits is a good start, and as tempted as they might be to pick their spots – don’t let them.

Children’s skin is sensitive and precious, and it needs to be treated right from day one so that your child can enjoy healthy looking skin for the rest of their life. Teach them good skincare routines from day one and they will find it much easier to look after their own skin when they get a bit older and you’re not around to nag them quite so much!

The writer of this post, Nancy Baker, is a freelance blogger who is currently writing for Walnut Creek Skin and Laser, specialists for chemical peels in Walnut Creek. Her pets mean a lot to her and she writes a journal as well. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.

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