How can a person get another that is on crack to listen? -

How can a person get another that is on crack to listen? -

How can a person get another that is on crack to listen? Author:DiseasesDate:04-28 20:32:43 2008

I have tryed everything I can think of but I feel like I am speaking to a wall

I was doing some reading and I found a website that you may find useful...they have some tips for dealing with a crack user. It may sound kind of harsh.but so is the addiction and so is what a crack addict could be towards you as far as screwing you over to get their next fix...

Never give money to an addict.

Never give an addict items they can sell or pawn.

Never believe them when they say "I will never do drugs again".

Never let them use your house for sleeping or bathing or anything.

Never accept collect telephone calls from them.

Dont be curious about what they are doing. Assume they are doing the worst imaginable because they are. Remember every act of kindness only extends the time to where they hit bottom. Acts of kindness only hurt them. Helping a Crack addict is a mistake. Let them suffer and make up their mind to quit for today and to seek help.

Change the locks on your home and dont give them a key. Do not leave them alone in your home and remove all cash. Do not allow them in your home with their friends as their friends will return and burglarize you. The only friends they have are other addicts, and they are not really friends.

Never believe anything they say, only respond through their actions. Telling you they are going to drug treatment is meaningless. Remember you are a non-person to them. You are only a vehicle and easy mark to further their addiction.

Never bail them out of jail or pay their fines. Also, dont send them "Commissary " money in Jail.

If they need to be arrested call the police. Jail is safer for them than the street. Never let them crash at your house. Learn to be strong with them and dont ever waiver even slightly on the word "NO".

Learn to let them go from your life. It is the most difficult thing to do but it will protect you and help them. They are the only ones who can help themselves. u cant they have to want to listen sorry That is a tough one. Unless they really want to listen, then they probably wont hear you. I will go ahead and assume that you are trying to get them to stop. Going off of that, short of turning them in, there is nothing that you can say to get them to stop. My bf used to do that crap and I called the cops on him so theyd put him in rehab. Crack cocaine is actually considered to be one of the most highly addictive substances. I honestly, dont know if its possible to get the person to listen to you and reason with you. If you can approach them when theyre not using crack, you might have a better chance of getting through to them. If youre trying to help the person, please do. While I know revealing their drug use seems really harsh, its not. An addiction to crack cocaine can last a lifetime and can destroy ones life as well. This may sound cruel, but if you can, call the authorities on him for possession or using if you catch him. This can be a matter of life and death. Hopefully theyll get him into the Rehab that he needs. He wont stop on his own until he hits rock bottom, however that may happen. Well CAN I JUST SAY BY THE WAY YOU ANSWERED THE QUESTION I HAD ASKED YOU SOUND TO ME LIKE YOUR THE ONE ON CRACK COMING OUT WITH SOME COMPLETELY STUPID ANSWER THAT DID NOT RELATE TO WHAT I HAD ASKED AND MY ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTION WOULD BE... if they dont want to listen to you then they obviously want to be a crack head all there life, he/she may feel that taken drugs and being addicted to them may make them feel in control, secure and drugs maybe there comfort. Its hard to say really as they may have just got into it young and then became addicted but who knows what will make them listen. If they want to come clean then they will but ONLY if they want to themselves they have to want it not just other people around them. By the way please dont bother to answer one of my qusetion with a bullshit answer AGAIN!!!1 Thats because you are speaking to a wall. The only thing you can do is leave it be and hope the person realizes before its too late. You cant make people change they have to WANT to change.

I went through this with my father, after years of trying I gave up. I told him until he straightened up not to bother. Its been 5 years, Ive gotten married and he has had grandchildren and he hasnt bothered so you can tell what his priorities are. The medicine and health information post by website user , not guarantee correctness , is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for any medical conditions.

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