Alternative Health – Supplementing With Turmeric to Gain Huge Health Benefits

Alternative Health – Supplementing With Turmeric to Gain Huge Health Benefits

Let’s explore the herb Turmeric, one of the longest cultivated (5,000 years) and important herbs on the planet. It has served an important role in Ayurvedic pharmacopeia along with Holy Basil and Ginger. The benefits of turmeric are also supported vast array of scientific studies proving its value for a number of important health challenges.

In numerous studies, turmeric’s anti-inflammatory effects have been shown to be comparable to the pharmaceutical industry’s drugs anti-inflammatory big guns, without the side effects associated with long term use. Turmeric produces no toxic side effects. Quite the contrary, the people of Okinawa have the longest life span on the planet and its believed the drinking of turmeric in a national beverage contributes to their longevity!

In my own practice I have seen miraculous results with people suffering from arthritic conditions with the use of turmeric as a stand alone or in a formula with other Cox2 enzyme inhibitors. Its antioxidant qualities are able to neutralize free radicals. This is extremely important in arthritic conditions, where free radicals are responsible for the painful joint inflammation and eventual damage to the joints.

Another one of the most important discoveries concerning turmeric/curcumin is its value in the prevention and battling cancer especially, colon cancer. My mother was found to have colon cancer when she was 81. After a surgery to remove a small part of her colon, turmeric was used as a large part of her herbal supplement approach to cure herself from that deadly disease. She is 90 years old and still cancer free! Curcumin also helps the body to destroy mutated cancer cells, so they cannot spread through the body and cause more harm. It is thought to be able to accomplish this by enhancing liver function. Knowing these scientific facts, one should definitely consider using turmeric as a part of their herbal regimen in preventing cancer. Other scientific studies have shown that the frequent use of turmeric also is effective in lowering the rates of breast, prostate, and lung cancer.

Curcumin is a superb cardiovascular protector. Turmeric has been shown prevent cholesterol from oxidizing in the body and causing damage in the blood vessels. Turmeric is also a good source of vitamin B6, which is needed to keep homocysteine levels balanced.

Alzheimer disease has become a huge and troubling challenge for our society, as the baby boomers age. Turmeric has shown promise in the protection against neurodegenerative diseases. The most recent studies have been somewhat positive displaying evidence that curcumin protects against destruction of myelin, the sheath that serves to protect most nerves in the body. It is done by blocking a protein that destroys the myelin sheath.

Turmeric is beneficial in detoxifying the liver, arguably the most important organ in our bodies as it is the major organ of detoxification. With the onslaught of industrial by products that are considered to be highly toxic for our organism, any supplement that can aid in that process should be considered when one is creating an herbal supplement regimen to assist us in our health and pursuit for longevity.

About the Author:

Judah began his career in body work at the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in 1989 becoming certified in the techniques of Dr. Ida P. Rolf.

Judah studied the Biodynamic model of Craniosacral Therapy with Franklyn Sills in England at the Karuna Institute for two years. He has also studied Visceral Manipulation with Didier Pratt, D.O. and is a certified practitioner of The Bowen Technique of Australia.

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